Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Whocate Project

Luna Whoticore

“That Which You Believe Becomes Your World”

The Whocate Project is about celebrating myself as I truly am. Just before my 50th birthday this past December 30th, I realized now more than ever that what I have been writing about in my 13-year off-and-on story project is me on many levels.

It started out as an online role playing game with a dear friend in Canada. We RP'd for about 4 years, then as happens in life, we wrote less and less, saw each other less and less on line and eventually went our separate ways. I didn’t realize at the time something important beyond writing was happening, taking shape, showing me my inner world and yet was a reflection of it in the real world. As we stopped writing and real life swallowed up my time and attention, I forgot the essence of the magic in those stories that was trying to tell me what I really and truly am.

Capricorns sometimes take forever to learn their life lessons, a few of which are to be true to your inner self, be happy with who you are and finding your bliss. My sign fits me to a tee, it seems, as now, at the half-century mark, I am finally coming into alignment with who and what I am and can potentially be.

So who is Whocate? For me, she has been my inner developing world, a creative force, a reflection of my inner self in the physical world around me. I see her and influences of her every time I hold a dragonfly, pluck the strings of a harp, meditate and look up into an evening sky at the moon in any of her phases.  She is what I learned is my potential, the results of my inner world reflecting into the real world through studying it in the pages of books such as Mind Magic, How to Master Life and Magical Use of Thought Forms.

She is me. And though her story and mine are not done yet, this is where we have been, where we are now and where we are going…

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Doing what you love

Do what you love

Someone once told me at a business college seminar, "If you want to make a living at what you love, first, find what you love and do a lot of it".

I am learning that that is only the beginning of what is needed to be successful.

Certainly there is a Law of Attraction element to that advice. Doing a lot of something will get you noticed eventually. And getting noticed will get you admirers, fans and sales.

For me, the hard part was discovering what I loved. I know that may sound crazy, but it's true. And I bet a lot of other people go through this too. In this rushed age of stress, job necessity and distractions all around us, we really are pulled off-course more than we care to admit. To find what you love, sit back, take a calm, quiet moment and look back at your life. What were you alway pulled back to do? What makes you happy? What are you naturally good at? These give you the answers. I was always creative, so I knew for a start that the answer lay in that direction. After trying lots of creative things, I hit upon something people saw me do that I loved and loved it as well and told me so. Others input and reactions can tell you much about yourself if you sit still and listen to it.

Doing a lot of what we love (once we find out what it is) also sharpens our skills at what we do. One isn't born the greatest musician, doctor, test pilot or beader of their generation. We all have to work at it. And when our skills get better, that also gets us noticed. Many people do a lot of something and get quickly and easily bored with it. That is a warning sign it is not what they love - what they were born to do.

So why is it that so many people love what they are doing and are not successful? Maybe perhaps they are not passionate about what they do.

Passion fuels fire. Fire never goes unnoticed. Even if it is just a little spark at first, if it is fueled by what we do and our passion for something grows, eventually it will explode onto the scene and then no one will be able to ignore it! Sound familiar? How often do we see companies on the internet or in real life that suddenly made it big? It never happens that way. They worked to get to where they were and it took time and effort and of course, passion.

Passion and fire have another element in common that is vital to success at doing what you love - sacrifice. Fire eats up what is around it in order to make it grow. Passion means you will start doing less of something else (even if it is nothing) to make more time to do what you love and want to do. Also sound familiar? How many marriages are torn apart because one spouse works too much, sacrificing their quality time for money? It's an inbalanced way of living, but a good example of how powerful passion is and can be and how it can take you places you long for and never even dreamed of going - for good or bad.

So, in closing, 1. discover what you love, 2. do a lot of it, and 3. be passionate at it.

If you like this topic and want me to delve further, please leave a comment. Together we can help you find your passion. Don't let it take 50 years to find, like I did.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Steampunk Cogs and Clockfaces

steampunk cogs and clockfaces


A nice find at the Pasadena Bead & Design Show. Got them from StringBead. The best price I've ever found for steampunk Cogs and Clockfaces, too! Am toying with the idea of using them in my Tardis Pod cosplay. But will I have time to start and finish the costume along with everything else I'm doing? If not, they're going into jewelry!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Designer's top pics at the Pasadena Bead & Design Show

After two days of crazy shopping at the wonderful Pasadena Bead & Design Show in Pasadena, CA, here are our pics for favorite vendors and what they offered: 1. Beads & Magic Wishes - for their amazing selection of colors in size 15 delica beads. 2. String Bead - where we found steampunk cogs and clock faces for 50 cents a piece!!! 3. Sonoran Beads - SilverSilk. Silver Wire wrapped around tiny, silver or gold beads. The wire comes in some beautiful colors. 4. L.A. Source Gems - out of Alhambra, CA. for their selection of brand new snake skin jasper. 5. Filigree Me for their wide selection of antique brass stampings. 6. Metalz n Beads for Carol's wonderful help and advice on surface treatment of metal and patinas. You are the "Patina Queen"! 7. The Lipstick Ranch for their amazing copper stampings. 8. And of course, Paula of Paula Radke Art Glass for putting up with us waiting patiently to interview her inbetween her many customers and class students.