Thursday, December 9, 2010

Your Jewelry Box out of Control?

One of our customers recently asked us for a solution to contain the 40 earcuffs she has bought from us over the years. Yes, you read that right...40 earcuffs! Feeling a little responsible for such a predicament, I happily explored options for her.

Knowing the only retail solution traditionally available was an expensive amoire, I recalled that she might be open to something more practical than pretty. In our studio our beads are packed into many, many plastic cases equipped with dividers. Asking her if that would do it, she was open to the possibility. These cases are easier to find than when I started beading.

Instead of going to a bead store where they are looked upon as an expensive supply item, try Wal Mart or JoAnns.


  1. You can also source these at sporting goods suppliers and hardware stores where they are definitely cheaper than JoAnns.

  2. I have used the smaller ones for earrings for many years - look in the fishing section of Walmart of any store that carries fishing supplies - much cheaper than in the craft stores.