Thursday, September 8, 2011

BESTeam Store Review: Ardent Reverie

Ardent Reverie is two crazy sisters working like crazy in their tiny room to create unique handmade items. They love creating new things that inspire them so that they can share them with you.

When you visit their Etsy shop, you can see why they just won accessories artist of the year at the RAWards show. Here are our favorite pics from their offerings:

Time Sensitive Necklace

Paradise Cove Feather Earring

Garden Mosaic Necklace - Amethyst

Carnival Palace Necklace

Reverie Catcher Necklace

Ariel Necklace

Hook up with Ardent Reverie in these locations to keep up on their new creations:
Also, check out their first video which is a compilation of some of their items -

Ardent Reverie and I are members of a great Etsy shop owner's support team called BESTeam
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