Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BESTeam Store Review: Elizabeth MD Designs

Why is it everyone I meet on the ‘net who is from Canada is so friendly? They are some of my favorite people in the wwworld to talk to, so I was interested in seeing if that friendliness was reflected in the Etsy shop and blog of someone I had not spoken to yet. It certainly seems so with Elizabeth, the owner of Elizabeth MD Designs.

In the blog posts in between her reviews of our fellow BESTeam sellers (i.e. the more personal looks into her life POV [point of view]), she shows a sharp eye for bringing us the wonderful visual images out there on the internet. Her big heart shows through her thoughtful pieces on holidays such as Mother’s Day and in this duo of Silver Butterfly Heart Earrings & Necklace offerings she sells in her Etsy shop for Japan’s Animal rescue and support relief. I have such a soft spot for animal lovers who donate all or a portion of their shop proceeds to good causes, I like this gal already!

I want to give Elizabeth an extra hug here because she works through some difficult life challenges and yet goes the extra mile to put up a YouTube channel as a way of keeping in touch with her audience when she cannot do craft shows or delivery local orders in person. You might say every person out there seems to have a YouTube channel these days, but so many people don’t do anything with it, or use it as an obnoxious way to advertise. I found her videos frank and honest, refreshing and touching. Again I say, I like this girl already. Her simple jewelry is beautiful in its choices of color and style…I have seen the beautiful, porcelain-like Cream and Blue Rose Ring beads at bead shows and know how pretty these can be.

In summary, you will enjoy shopping with Elizabeth, as her 100% happy-camper reviews attest to in her store. Take advantage of her gift certificates and custom work and you won’t go wrong.

Elizabeth and I are members of a great team – BESTeam (Boosting Etsy Shops Team). We support each other’s Etsy shops with intense social networking and promotion of each other on our Facebook, Twitter and Blog ‘sites. Want an article written about YOUR shop each and every week? Want to write about others and support their creative efforts, thus Paying it Forward? Then get on over to the team page, visit the team blog or forum and see if you can keep up with us. If you are the BEST, we want you on our team!

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