Sunday, July 24, 2011

BESTeam Store Review: Mysticwynd

I was very pleased and excited to learn that my shop review assignment of the week was our great & wonderful BESTeam leader Karen of the shop Mysticwynd. On the selling side, she specializes in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, accessories, and gift items.

On the just being a all around great person, she has been a tremendous help with making me feel comfortable in the group and has always been around to answer the barrage of questions I fired at her the first few days I was a newbie to her team. If you want to buy from someone who is geniunely a pleasure to deal with personally and professionally, she is your gal!

Among the things in her shop that caught my eye are:

XLong Exotic Red Floral Earrings with Antiqued Brass - like beautiful trumpet flowers wrapped in scrollwork-like antique brass, I know I would definitely want these with any long, slinky red and black number dress I wear out.

Yellow Glass with Brass Earrings - Luscious Lemondrops - antique brass again...get the feeling I like these? I do, but she has a lot of it and does it well. They are like little, glowing orbs of yellow sunshine on your ears.

And my all-time favorite is the Oceanus Charm Bracelet with Pearls, Shells, Crystal, and Glass. Wow, do I love this piece. I seriously think I must have squeed when I saw it. Ocean charms are a weak spot with me and there is plenty on this ocean-themed piece to keep you enthralled with its charms (yeah, that's a pun) for years to come.

You have to stop by her shop and check out her goodies. With over 140 items there at such reasonable prices, trust me, you are going to find something that will make you hit that "Add to Cart" button!

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