Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday's Pick - the Day of the Moon

Silver Pale Moon earringsSilver Pale Moon Single earcuff

The colors of Monday's pick from our earcuff and earring collections reflect pale blues and lunar silvers. They come in many styles that can be mixed and matched. Wear them as you gaze upon the moon and say hello to her for us. We will be looking up at that same moon and thanking it for reminding us her calm presence is always a strength in our lives.

Mondays most of the modern world is a day of chaos at the office, hustling kids off to school and planning what worldly projects one will tackle for the week, but your Moon-day evening is your own sacred time - especially if you are nocturnal or it's just your wind-down-from-the-day-time at home.

Return to that calm time to center and ground yourself and all that crazy energy so you can find a place of peace and serenity. For me, Saturdays and Mondays are that time, especially when I can see a setting crescent moon on my back porch, surrounded by plants, trees, incense and candles. Invite the husband/boyfriend or leave him to watch t.v., this time is for the feminine in anyone and everyone. Nurture it with what floats your boat on a moonlit evening.

Silver Pale Moon Earcuff

It is made even more special when you dress for the occasion. Cool whites (like the moon), dark blues and blacks always harmonize with lunar energies. Even better when you can go to the beach and walk its sandy shores with the lulling surf in the background! Pick something loose-fitting that floats on the breezes and is comfortable, take time to reach down to the sand or earth and dig your hands in, calm your mind and listen to your surroundings. They have much to tell us.

The book Spell Crafts reminds us blue is for healing, peace, psychism, patience and happiness. The color of the water,symbol of the ocean, sleep, twilight and the sky. To the Zuni Indians it was used to represent the West, the Land of the Dead - our final place of rest, along with the setting sun. Whenever I can catch a setting sun and start out my time with the moon that night, it is always a good meditation!

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