Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday's Pics - The Day of the Dragonfly

Thursday being a day sacred to the Old Ones Jupiter and Juno, Zeus and Hera and Thor, the colors associated with them made today's Etsy store choices my favorite ones; Green and Royal Blue.

Asymmetrical Midnight Goddess Spiral earcuff and earring setAsymmetrical Midnight Spiral earrings

The Asymmetrical Midnight Spiral Goddess Earcuff and Earring Set and it's matching earrings were absolute joys to make, rich with these "oil-slick" like colors. Their iridescence is hypnotic - I could make jewelry from these colors all day and never get bored of them. Their otherworldly glow extends even to tarot bag fabrics, which I can never seem to leave in the fabric stores when the catch my attention.

Dragonfly Priestess Single earcuffDragonfly Priestess earrings

But by far, of the ones to add to the store that give me a shiver of excitement and purest burst of love are the Dragonfly Priestess Series. Copper, dragonflies and swarovski crystals made these simple, little designs so magickal for me, I can scarcely form the words for how they touch me. Read their story in the store listing - they were truly made with the purest love for the art of jewelry-making I could ever express.

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